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Negative Impacts of Technology

Negative Impacts of Technology

It is true that with technology, human life has become easier and has reached a much better level than before. However, it is not that Positive effects of technology on human life as well as negative effects.

Negative Impacts of Technology

With the increase in the contributions of technology to our lives and the reduction of costs, the negative impacts of technology are also emerging due to the increasing prevalence of technologies offered to people. Let’s examine these negative effects of technology that threaten human health.

  • Causing an increase in the number of obese people

The commitment to technological devices and the fact that during this commitment people both move little and are aware of how much they eat, often eating while focusing on these devices, increases obesity.

Negative Impacts of Technology yalnızlık korkusu

  • Irregular Sleep Pattern 

People’s commitment to technological devices confirms the desire of users to access the internet at any time, and accordingly, at night, users give up their sleep in order to spend more time on the internet. In addition, when we consider research that screen light makes us sleepy, we can easily say that technology has negative impacts of technology on our sleep patterns.

  • Negative effects of technology on the human mind

From 2000 to 2015, people’s attention span fell 1/3, from 12 seconds to 8 seconds, according to a Microsoft-funded study. This period is lower than the attention span of a goldfish.

  • Physical Problems

Negative impacts of technology are not just emotional and mental disorders. There’s also a physical dimension to the subject. Watching TV for a long time in an incorrect sitting position, using a computer or tablet brings with it the following negatives:

  • Eye-vision problems
  • Neck pains
  • Deterioration of the skeletal structure of the body
  • Arm, hand, finger numbness
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Bullying, Abuse and Safety Issues

Up to this title we often talked about the situation of overuse. Among the negative impacts of technology are hidden threats that are not linked to overuse. For example CyberBullying! Considering that the negative impacts of technology that children are interested in are usually the ability to connect to the internet, we also need to consider external threats. 

What are the effects of technology on human interaction and children can be subjected to peer bullying in games and applications that feature online communication? They can be exploited by malevolent adults. Again, personal information about the child or his family may be obtained by malicious adults. This situation indirectly Positive and negative effects of technology on academic performance

Negative effects of technology Essay too much because Negative effects of technology on education it has been observed that the academic achievement of technology addicted students is low.


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